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I believe

I believe

Baby animals are how we convince ourselves nature isn’t as pissed off at us as it should be.

The funniest people I know laugh more than they talk.

Bananas should always come with a “spoiler alert”.

“No, thank you.” is always preferable to, “No, I shouldn’t, I’m on a diet.” or “No, it’s too fattening!” or “No, gotta watch my hips.” or anything else that isn’t simple appreciation.

You should spend more time planning the life that happens after your wedding.

Cynicism is a piss-poor excuse for not listening. 

Hopelessness is just like insomnia: the longer it stays with you, the tougher it gets to believe you’ll shake it.

Learning to cook is a form of thankfulness.

Learning to clean is a form of self-defense.

Whenever I want to listen to a song over and over, I’m self-medicating.

Granola is the sneakiest cookie of all.

It’s good to stand in front of the ocean or the mountains or a canyon and think, "Well, that's bigger than my ass."

The quickest path to irrational anger is a lost sneeze.

People who tell you to eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking juice have never tried to suck a pineapple through a straw.

Tipping is the most important moment on a first date.


It's tough to read by fireworks.

It's tough to read by fireworks.

Seek and Meg shall find.

Seek and Meg shall find.