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I believe, pt.2

I believe, pt.2

Willful ignorance is poisonous, but admitting how much you don’t know is medicine.

Every hour I’ve spent in the water added another hour to my life.

The middle seat is never the right one.

Just like walls, boundaries can both protect us and hold us back.

Half of every generation thinks it’s getting worse, while the other half thinks it’s getting better. They’re both right.

Love can be unconditional, but relationships should never be.

I’d rather be tough like a rubber ball than tough like a cannonball.

It’s fine to go to bed angry if staying up means you’ll be furious.

Weather in New England is like a two year-old. Just when you think you know what's coming next, it craps its pants. 

The five easiest things to get into:

  • Sweatpants
  • Temptation
  • Arguments with automated voice systems
  • Hot tubs
  • The groove

The five hardest things to get out of

  • Waterbeds
  • Amway
  • Reply-all chains
  • The mafia
  • Arguments with automated voice systems

Sometimes the blank canvas is prettier than what ends up on it.

You don’t need to understand what other people enjoy to support their right to enjoy it.

The funniest people I know spend more time laughing than cracking jokes.

People who say they can't tell the difference in the taste of diet soda and regular soda are not to be trusted.

Love takes a lot of effort—but if it’s all effort, it’s probably not love.

There is no workout more extraordinary than trying to escape a spider web you've just walked through.

How to apologize.

How to apologize.

It's tough to read by fireworks.

It's tough to read by fireworks.